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  • Does anyone have issues with their Monos luggage tipping over when using a bag on the handle? This has never happened with my Beis or Away carry-on, so I'm curious if it's common or if mine is a lemon.

  • I am wondering if you have had the chance to see or use the Heys XTRAK 21" CARRY-ON and how you think it might compare to the other Heys bags? I need 5 carry on bags for a trip this summer and we are going to be new at this… how to pack for 2 weeks in a carry on… so I would say packable space is a priority as well as durability. We might check one larger piece to share and throw some extra stuff in if it becomes desperate! I had never heard of Heys until your video (which now has me intrigued plus they are currently having a sale) even though it looks like they have been around for awhile. Maybe they just don't advertise as much.

  • Would love your opinion! Debating between the 20inch or 21inch expandable Quince carry on for a trip on United Airlines to Japan. Do you think the 21inch would be okay or should I stick with the 20inch to be on the safe side? I am planning on using it as a carry on on the way there and then expanding and checking on the way back. Thanks for all of your great info!

  • Here's a new brand to review: Royce and Rocket. I came across them quite accidentally tonight. Questionable whether a gimmick or useful foldable shelving inside. (For someone who doesn't like unpacking into hotel drawers, it's interesting.)

  • I’d like to get your opinion on choosing an international carry on. I know some airlines have weight limits, and it’s usually the carry on/personal item combined weight.

    So I’m trying to decide between purchasing the July carry on light or the regular July carry on.
    If I had the carry on light, my hope is that I would still have enough weight allowance to pack full personal item (like a travel backpack). However, then I thought maybe it would make more sense to just have a regular carry on, pack it full, and have a crossbody purse as my personal item. But if packing a regular carry on to the brim is too heavy, I don't want to have wasted weight allowance on the bigger suitcase. do you know what the typical packed weight of a carry on would be? and any advice you would give on picking with that in mind?

  • I travel 6-9 months out of the year internationally. I've used Away for years, then recently Beis expandable and the Solgaard. The solgaard is a gamechanger as it makes packing and settling in great as I just hang up my solgaard closet. The Solgaard is also convenient as I don't have to fiddle with zippers when going thru security – they are snap closures and super convenient. It's also survived beautifully after needing to be checked many times when flying domestic in India or budget Asian carriers when they have strict weight limits for carry-on. They also have great warranty (which AWay used to have but have since taken it away), I also have to take into account packing for both work (I do a lot of speaking at conferences and high level meetings), scuba diving (that's my only check-in if I'm carrying my own gear), and daily casual and adventure needs. So my rollerboard is the Solgaard, my dive duffle is Patagonia packable 55L Blach Hole, my underseat personal item is the Underseat Pro, I have a Ria sling for essentials and a foladable North Face 42 backpack/duffel that I tuck away if I need an extra on the way back home. I also carry a small and large Longchamp Le Pliage tote as they weigh nothing and are good quality use for daily purses when I arrive and need to look professional.

  • New subscriber here! I've been eyeing the new Ridge travel gear and would love a carry-on. Would you be interested in doing a review on it in the near future? (: I'd love your thoughts on it.
    I've also seen the Solgaard carryon/ closet, and it caught my interest. Any thoughts on those? Thanks and happy 2024! (:

  • Monos keeps coming up as a top choice… however non-influencers say it's overpriced, consistent problems with the handle and terrible customer service. Who here has used the bag and still loves it?

  • I actually bought the Quince 20” suitcase in black after you reviewed it. I took it on a two week trip from FL to Sydney, Australia. I used it as an overhead carry on the way there and checked it the way back. It looked brand new, even after checking it and loved the compression. The wheels glide very smoothly on different surfaces and the handle is very sturdy. My other carry on is an American Tourister soft shell (which I absolutely love, I used it on a 3 week trip to Colombia) but it’s not an internationally sized carry on so I bought the Quince in its place. Now I’m a few days away from taking the Quince on a week long trip to Europe.
    Just in case someone is looking for another testimonial on the suitcase since you didn’t get a chance to travel with it. I thought I’d share 🙂

  • Great video as usual and thanks a lot for the update.
    I was wondering if you had problems with the Monos handle (either the regular or the hybrid). I saw a lot of reviews recently saying that it can get stuck and its flimsy.

  • I got the July light expendable for 2 week trip to Europe. I never though I could go so long with carry-on but thanks to you I was able to do so. It was perfect for airports/ trains. I checked it on my way back as I brought back 1 bottle of wine and 2 small bottle of Olive oils from vineyards I visited and had meals at. Thank you for all your reviews!! 😊

  • I purchased the monos, the July light expandable, and the underseat pro. The monos.seemed smaller than the July and didn't roll as easily so I opted to begin my Hawaain island adventures with this one and I absolutely fell in love. It expanded and molded to everything I placed in the bag. My packing cubes were also from July which I also love! We hit 3 islands and over 10,000 miles! We then took a trip to Spain, Africa, and mediternan cruise and the July expandable was a dream! Light weight and compression – ewlala!! July expandable was the winner for cars, trains, planes, ferries, ships, cobble stone streets and bouncing up and down airport and hotel stairs. Thank you for opening my eyes to traveling often and light to experience all the world has to offer. My only sadness in the July expandable light is no side handle and the scuffs on the orange and light green but I'm chalking it up to memories. Thank you! Bev

  • ❤ this, finally! I can't wait til you use the quince and review it and let us know how the July warranty works out cause I was really getting excited about it – hopefully the expandable lite doesn't have same handle issues. always loved the monos hybrid especially cause of the latches and quality, only I was worried it wouldn't fit on budget airlines and is heavier. it just looks so classy in the champagne… but I'm curious which you rank better between the 2 HEYS? the Archer interior looks pretty cool too cause if I have bulkier shoes or items on bottom half I don't have to worry about having a whole compression board in the way but still get extra pockets on both sides and a simple buckle in middle to tie down.

  • Are you going to do a personal item version?

    By the way, this last weekend I pulled off the Frontier hack with Take Off 2.0! Only paid $41.96 for the roundtrip (Hartford to Orlando). And I was blessed on the way back; they asked for volunteers to sit in the emergency row. I of course ran to the the gate agent to get a free upgrade! Those seats are mad comfortable. I could easily go from Hartford to LA in one of those seats; especially the middle one since it has more width. Thank you a lot for all your tips and reviews; it helped me save a lot of money in this trip, and I sure plan on continue saving. Next goal, make it to Europe for less than $200 😃Norse Atlantic Airways, I'm looking at you!

  • I decided to get the Quince 20" carry on and took it on it's first trip (5 days) this past week. I purchased the beige and I absolutely LOVE it! I had plenty of room for all of my things. It was sturdy and light weight. I had no problems getting it into and out of the overhead on the plane or on the train. The surface was easily cleaned with the included sponge and the wheels were solid on the streets of New York city. No issue at all dragging it over a mile from the station to the hotel. I'm planning to take it, and my new Work Tote in Black Croc from Beis on my trip to Scotland in 2024. I like to pack light and swear by capsule wardrobes. I went with Quince due to cost, but I would totally consider Monos. 🥰

  • Thanks for sharing all your great travel info!!! Really helpful reviews, packing tips and travel guides. Liked the beauty video you posted too, wish it was still up as it was sooo helpful for so many things. Bought the Lange flatiron too.👍👍

  • Help please! : ) I can only get one piece of luggage right now and it’s being gifted. Ideally I would buy a carry-on and maybe the Monos medium check in so I would be ready for anything. I’m leaning towards the Monos hybrid carry on because I love the trunk opening rather than zippers. I’m just worried about the weight. Also I like the obsidian color best due to it seeming more neutral and less flashy plus will show less scuffs. BUT I’m guessing the scratching will show more on the obsidian. Especially if the aluminum corners get scratched, right? Silver scratches against the black. The scratches on the champagne probably blend in more, right? Any feedback greatly appreciated! Oh and since it’s being gifted I keep thinking I should ask for the Monos regular zippered medium check and then buy the hybrid carry on later but I will probably get the most use out of a carry on and could live without the check in bag. Thanks. I’m mostly worried about weight due to airline restrictions. I don’t mind asking someone to help me put suitcase in overhead. I’m 60 and even the zippered one could be too hard for me to lift over my head.

  • I bought the Aerotrunk carryon based on your reviews and it is a wonderful sturdy piece of luggage. I bought a monos carry on plus from Nordstrom (it arrived damaged) and was able to compare and I think Aerotrunk might be just as good if not better (definitely better price point). They just need more colors.

  • Thank you for all your reviews! I just purchased the Monos Hybrid carryon based on your review. It was delivered while I was out of town so I haven’t opened it yet. I hoping I’m not going to regret not getting the larger carryon.

  • Great video, Lauren! I’m hoping Monos comes out with an expandable too…in the meantime, I purchased one in Terracotta during the Black Friday sale. Question…I’m curious about returning an item on warranty. Do you keep a few boxes so you could possibly use one to return an item? That would be a lot of boxes for you. I’ve kept a few so far “just in case.” I’m lucky to have space in my basement.

  • Love the video. I am sad the July did not make the cut . I got the July carry on light expandable and I am using it now in my trip and absolutely love it . I am planning to check it just to see how it holds up :))

  • My luggage has been weighed several times in the last year in Europe. Ironically, bag size was never checked. I travel with the TravelPro Maxlite 5 spinner because of the low weight.

  • I bought the Heys airlite and the Heys Earth tones based on your videos – got them a couple days ago and can't wait to use them! I think I am going to try out the earth tones first – so she gets to travel in 2 weeks! I have never used hard shell before, so I am excited! My daughter has claimed the airlite for our January trip, too. thanks for your videos :).

  • Thanks for all your video reviews (and the fit check at the airport sizers!). We just ordered the monos carry-on in olive for my husband and the carry-on plus in taupe for me! 😀 So excited!

  • Thanks!!! My Heys is being delivered today!!! Happy the "indestructible " made your top list..I have carried Heys for years but my older Herringbone color 21 inch seemed to not hold as much so hoping this design will work…the company supports problems..they sent new wheels that became broken.❤

  • Thanks for the awesome video! I bought a Beis carryon last February based on last year’s video and I still love it. I debated a lot between Monos Carry On Plus, and Beis for that purchase. If I had to pick something from this year’s video I would probably go with the Monos Hybrid for myself, and the Heys one (the light one) or Quince for my 13 year old, but we really don’t need anymore carryon luggage as we have two other soft side carryons (Kirkland Signature, and Swiss Gear) that are 10+ years old. My 17 year old prefers soft side luggage so it is probably Travel Pro when she needs a new suitcase. My husband loves the Samsonite Just Right suitcase that I found a little too small (and bought the Beis to replace).

  • I’ve been watching reviews of luggage all year especially on your channel. I waited for a big sale such as black Friday. And I finally bought my traveling companion for my 2023 December trip to the Netherlands to celebrate my birthday. I got the monos carry-onfor $153 plus tax, so about $163! I’m thrilled. It should be arriving today or tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it packed up!

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