Gaming Videos: Best Gaming Laptop for 2022 – It GIVES You Money


  • Yeah idk, you used to make a lot of budget and very high p/p setups/pc, but now you're advertising a chromebook? … and 2nd hand gaming laptops have been much cheaper since the release of RTX 4000 series, so im also considering buying a 2nd i7-12700H 3060 Zephyrus M16. Watching these kinds of videos are pretty hard…

  • Bit late but bruh the idea gaming pad 3 with a 3050 goes on sale for $500 like every month add the 1 16gb ram upgrade and it’s literally better than this Chromebook by miles hope this was just for sponsor truly not worth imo

  • 700$ for a Chromebook is insane. If you want something for cloud gaming buy a cheap Lenovo Laptop or honestly you can flesh out a little more cash for a much better experience on a M1 MacBook Air (it has a *amazing* battery to performance ratio)

  • Cloud gaming is trash I have a 3080 but I tried out cloud gaming for the memes for it on one gig down and one gig up Ethernet it’s trash so bad don’t buy any game cloud service

  • I suspect the majority of those utilising cloud gaming already have a gaming pc and want something more portable for business or other situations where they can't stream from home.
    I have a handheld pc that I might use cloud gaming on when it is more long in the tooth, but I can stream from my desktop which still has a lot of life left in it. My Ryzen 5, 1600 with a 5700XT is still going very strong.

  • But you would also sell whatever old parts you would be replacing. And who can comfortably game on a laptop? I dont think laptops are a good solution for gaming anyway.

  • This is super heavily flawed and biased, pretty big shill. Talks about none of the disadvantages of cloud gaming.
    1. You can get a relatively decent gaming laptop for around the same price.
    2. Cloud gaming usually charges more for top spec, there was also no adjustment for inflation for the subscription or the external peripherals for the chromebook.
    3. You can sell old parts, GPUs still hold a relatively good price, you also don't need to upgrade that often, even a 1060 will still do 60fps at 1080 in most games, 30 series is back around MSRP if not cheaper and will still be relevant in 5 years+, and if you're serious about gaming you won't want the added latency from having the system remotely operated.
    4. Without Internet access, the chromebook can't do any gaming, with poor Internet there will be loads of latency.
    5. If the service shuts down like a lot of cloud gaming services have, you're left with nothing to show for your money.

    Side note, a lot of people that bought 30 series cards, even at scalper prices made their money back in the crypto mining boom, a lot even made money on top of it.

  • Why the hell would you buy this when gaming laptops can go on sale for $100 less or just paying $70 more would get you one off sale? This chromebook makes absolutely no sense price wise, especially when you consider you can do the literal exact same thing with any random $200 chromebook

  • This was just a giant ad for a chromebook and nothing more. I loved watching your pc flipping videos but ever since you got big streaming this channel has kinda not been doing it for me. Wish you nothing but the best tho, Kris

  • There's a couple issues. Number one, there's just no way I'm gaming using a track pad. Mouse is still very much required to game on a laptop. Sure, I could use a cheap mouse, but cheap mouses would often leave me no control over DPI etc (iirc) which means at the very least I'll be spending an additional 50 bucks up front. Not too big of an issue but still worth to be noted. The same goes for the audio obviously as no one would use speakers while gaming. You might scrape by with built-in laptop speakers if you don't game but if that's the case then what's the point. You'd still need to invest in a headset (with mic, because you're definitely not using the built-in microphone either).

    Number 2: You say that the cost of the gaming service is going to stay the same, but I don't believe you have any proof to back that up with. Numerous services have gone up in price over the past couple years, there's no reason this wouldn't as well.

  • As someone who is looking to upgrade after ~6 years (1230v2+1050ti), I can tell you that it's way more than 3 years that one would upgrade. Rn I'm looking at ~$660 for 6600+5600 upgrade, if you count new PSU it will go to ~700. And as I already have plenty of parts it will last me another 6 years of playing in 1440p, sure I might get an bigger SSD or HDD for files, but I need that space for my local files, and later on I can repurpose this PC, I pay for what I own basically, and when my internet is down I can still play.I can mod those games, and play all of them.
    With Cloud Gaming, you can't mod them, you can't play all games, only ones the platform support and you don't own that $200 at the end of the year anymore. Sure someone may use "low power" laptop and it's all they need, store files in Cloud, play games in cloud, and be happy with that, but it's not for everyone.

  • Something you didn't include ist the money you can get from reselling old parts or reusing them for a NAS ect.
    The biggest reason i don't like cloud gaming thoug is the dependency on a company. Look at stadia.
    What u gonna do with a cromebook if cloud gaming dies out? What u gonna do if they decide to raise the price and its getting to expencive? What u gonna do if your internet is down? Its not like you can run much localy on a cromebook.
    Everything has to become a subscribtion nowdays and i dont like it.

  • You forgot to mention that you might need a mouse for it (ain't nobody using a trackpad or touchscreen), which you counted towards the self-build PC and let's not forget the membrane keyboard. Also, won't you need to replace the laptop itself? Laptops themselves have around ~3-4 years of normal use before the battery or something else gives up. Lastly, when you do replace parts of your PC with better ones in the future, you can sell the used parts for at least some cashback potential. I'm sorry Kris, but I will have to disagree with your statement that it's better than the regular. You don't even use cloud services yourself regularly + the time you did use them, you received "moments" of interruption yourself.

  • I was a supporter of the first "big" cloud gaming services – OnLive. Cloud gaming has a lot of advantage but disadvantage in game licensing and you not actually owning the game is a huge deal breaker. For example whatever games people own with OnLive…Well those are all gone since the company shut down all the servers.

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