Xbox Game Pass Ultimate unveils two new titles

The latest update introduces ‘Lil Gator Game’ and ‘EA Sports PGA Tour’

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now have access to two exciting new additions to the gaming library: Lil Gator Game and EA Sports PGA Tour. Alongside these releases, a title on Xbox Game Pass is transitioning out of the Game Preview program, marking a significant update to version 1.0.

With the inclusion of EA Sports PGA Tour and Lil Gator Game, Xbox Game Pass expands its offerings with a total of six new titles in April 2024. Earlier this month, subscribers

enjoyed LEGO 2K Drive, Superhot: Mind Control Delete, F1 23, and Ark: Survival Ascended.


EA Sports PGA Tour
EA Sports PGA Tour

Lil Gator Game is accessible across all tiers of Xbox Game Pass except for the Core tier, whereas EA Sports PGA Tour requires the EA Play add-on, exclusive to Ultimate-tier subscribers. Despite these differences in accessibility, Lil Gator Game stands out for its impressive critical reception, boasting Metacritic scores ranging from 80 to 84. In contrast, EA Sports PGA Tour has garnered ratings in the mid-70s. Lil Gator Game’s user reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly positive, with players hailing it as one of the top open-world action platformers in recent memory.

While Lil Gator Game is primarily designed for younger audiences, its appeal transcends age barriers. Drawing inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, particularly its open-world entries, the game offers an adventure-packed experience of decorating a cozy island and forming friendships. Despite the seemingly low stakes, Lil Gator Game frames its journey as an epic adventure, capturing players’ imaginations through a childlike lens.

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