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  • My daughter got me on of these (branded differently) for Christmas. No instructions and didn’t know how to use it until I watched your video. I’m going to pass on using it because the DCT Tour is a huge bike with lots of anti-theft features, plus it looks like the constant pressure on the brake line could be a problem. I gave Jana an extra smoochie kiss anyway!

  • And what will prevent you from biting the brake line with wire cutters and breaking the brake handle with a crowbar? And that's it, the motorcycle can be driven away by depressing the clutch.

  • These locks have been around for awhile. They are bought through Ali baba for a few dollars in bulk, laser inscribed and sold by many companies, like many Amazon flashlight brands. The lock can be picked with a simple tool and the latch can be defeated with pliers and a small pry bar. It is better than nothing, but I like hardened chains or disc locks better, of course from reputable brands.

  • I would be concerned about applying constant pressure on the brake system. Also I’m pretty sure someone could just undo the bolt holding the brake lever and the whole lock would slide right off. Seems like an awfully easy defeat.

  • I have fantastic coverage on my GW + 3K on accessories loss . I don't care for these toys much. If they want the bike, they will find away…..period. Let them take it. I will sleep good at night. Thank you for the review.

  • You can break the break lever where the round adjustment wheel is and it becomes Worthless! Or you can cut the break lines with a simple pocket knife 😂Get a good Insurance Coverage and go to bed at night without any worries.

  • Hi Chris I had a similar type a few years ago, at first I thought it was great 👍 but unfortunately in the high temperatures of summer I encountered a real problem with my brake lock 🔐 because my brake system was under constant pressure coupled with the high ambient heat I ended up with some serious brake fluid leakage from the brake lever piston seal and a small weep down at the calliper where the brake hose connected onto the calliper. I MUST STRESS THIS HAPPENED ON THE ANTI THEFT BRAKE CLAMP THAT I HAD PURCHASED AND IT IS IN NO WAY A REFLECTION ON THIS DEVICE- just something to be weary of. In my opinion a gps tracker and a motion alarm with a centre stand lock works best for me, but I completely understand that people have budgets and that a brake lever clamp is far better than a wheel lock 🔐 many a friend have accidentally tried to ride off with the wheel lock still on , always ends in an expensive fix. Please know I am not trying too be negative just going of experience and many many years of riding and trying new gadgets to protect my bike from being either stolen or tampered with. I hope all Stay Safe and Upright. 🇦🇺🙏🙏👍

  • Anyone who has ever used a disc lock, forgotten about it and tried to ride off will appreciate this device. Even though I don't think I really need it I'm ordering one. For the price it's well worth it.

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