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  • I do not believe the story there is two different arms that you are showing on this video you have a left arm and a right arm yes arms are going to be different so they are two different arms that is on this video so no I do not believe

  • Btw I haven’t tried it yet, but I got the FOREO body device – it may produce similar results. Maybe also a retin or retin like product. Reducing inflammation could also maybe help. And weights! We lose muscle after the age of 30 – I admire you are more active than I am – I got to get back into the game! You are an inspiration to so many people under 50 – I always look to my elders for advice since the proof is in the pudding to speak! I don’t know why they use so many young models for cosmetic and skin care products – they should use you! I know Scarlett Johansson isn’t a spring chicken – we’re about the same age, but I trust you over her any day for skin care advice because a picture is with a thousand words and your face and body are proof you know what is helpful! My grandmother always told me believe none of what I read and half of what I see (I think decades ago she predicted filters and deep fakes LoL!) I admire your honesty too about what procedures you have done etc – I would not do (it’s not for everyone – especially worrrywart Virgo medical malpractice weirdos who read WebMD for fun then scare myself into thinking I’m going to die of brain cancer the next day lol!) By the way you even look better than all those 90s supermodels around your age! Please keep posting vids and spreading your positive inspirational messages when you’re the next top model!

  • Cocoa butter and Vitamin E oil are great for stretch marks! I think castor oil too. In any event you look hotter than me although you’re 25 years older and look younger too!

  • Thank you so much i really need to start doing something good for my skin
    Since i started to lose weight without exercise, my skin started to look horrible 😮😮😮. It's very very depressing to look suddenly look like s 200 year old person Lol
    I will start taking care of my skin immediately!
    Do you the link of your device? I don't know anything about it.

  • Hi Beth: I just watched your video. I live in St. John’s, NL , Canada. I just ordered the 1.5 Derma Roller & the Hyaluronic Acid. I am 68 years old.I am going to give this a try. Thank-you.

  • I am currently beginning a weightloss program. I am curious if dermarolling during weightloss would help with the sagging skin that will ultimately appear. Has anyone else had results being proactive? I would love to hear your advice on this 😊

  • You don't have to have anger from being severely harmed but it does NO good to release the negative feelings when you're fighting to stay alive because of the harm continuing. You do have to do whatever you can so that negativity doesn't severely harm your health or kill you but harm ALWAYS expands exponentially as does Love. God has NO plan for anyone's life. You better have your own plan.

  • Hi Beth 😊Im going to try this out and see if it works for me. Ive spent 4 months doing daily chemo and radiation for cancer earlier this year and went from my fairly standard 60k down to about 35k.
    Your skin looks great did I hear you say 67 there somewhere, just WoW. Looking good girl.
    Im 63yrs and I was fit and taught and stuff but that big weight loss stole the muscles right out from under my skin leaving it saggy and crepey somewhat deflated. Also exhausted at the thought of having to do anything, so running out to immediately bulk up and exercise hasnt been part of the plan so far- but i will start with something light soon-ish.

    But this I will start in the morning, does it matter when one does the roller thing?
    Ill let you know if it works for me.

  • Great videos. 2 questions . Can the derma rolling be used on the neck skin that looks creperie? And how long does the skin take to heal after derma rolling? And before you can apply other things? Thank you so much!

  • You look amazing! I am 45 and my skin under my chin is starting to sag. I am skinny, always have been, and that really shows.
    I bought a derma roller many years ago, but got scared to use it, so never had a chance to.It is still in its box, so maybe I should start soon.
    I am scared to not press too hard, and heard some horror stories about bacteria.
    For the face, what size needles should be used?Also, can the same derma roller be used more than once if sterilized?
    Thank you.

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