NFL News: 5 biggest needs the Buffalo Bills must address to remain Super Bowl contenders

We’ve spent the last nearly five months since the Buffalo Bills’ early exit from the playoffs talking about Bills players that are pending free agency, potential trades, and of course, the 2024 NFL Draft. In all three of these scenarios, the Bills have an opportunity to improve the roster to continue their dominance in the AFC East, and hopefully make another run at a Super Bowl. Could we not end the 2024 season with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs though?

I’ve written multiple articles in the last several weeks about the Bills pending free agents, such as DaQuan Jones, Dane Jackson, Leonard Floyd, and A.J. Epenesa. I’ve written about players that I don’t believe will be on the roster for the start of the new season, as well as players I expect back for the 2024 season opener. We’ve asked AI to give us a mock draft and I’ve completed one of my own as well. Many of the national media have talked about the Bills trading Von Miller and Stefon Diggs but those scenarios are ridiculous and intended as nothing more than clickbait. Don’t fall for it, the Bills aren’t getting rid of those two. The money makes it impossible at this point. Now, when 2025 comes around, let’s talk. That’s assuming the Bills don’t restructure those contracts but more on that later.

With so much uncertainty surrounding this offseason, it’ll be very intriguing to see what Brandon Beane and the Bills do. They are currently more than $50 million over the cap, which I’m sure you’ve already heard. There is no doubt that Bean will get Buffalo below the cap because he doesn’t have a choice. So, that will happen no matter what but at what cost? That’s the real question, what do the Bills have to do to get there, while remaining one of the top Super Bowl contenders? I’ve outlined my five thoughts on this, so let’s get into it.

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