Latest Tech: Samsung joins global AI-RAN alliance to lead 6G technology

Samsung Electronics, nine other global tech giants and Boston’s Northeastern University formed the AI-RAN alliance at the MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, Monday.

Samsung Electronics said Monday it has formed an alliance with global Big Tech firms to research sixth-generation technology and create an ecosystem through the convergence of artificial intelligence and wireless communication technologies.

The AI-RAN alliance was officially launched at the Mobile World Congress 2024, the world’s largest mobile tech show, in Barcelona, Spain, earlier in the day, with 10 telecommunications and software companies and one university as its founding members.

Besides Samsung, other members of the newly launched alliance include Nvidia, Arm, SoftBank, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, T-Mobile USA, DeepSig and Boston’s Northeastern University.

The AI-RAN Alliance is divided into three working groups — AI for radio access networks, AI and RAN, and AI on RAN — to conduct subdivided technological research. Samsung said the company is joining all three working groups.

The AI for RAN working group will study wireless communication optimization technology using AI and machine learning to improve frequency, costs and energy efficiency, while the AI and RAN group will research AI and RAN for efficient resource management and the maximization of infrastructure utilization Wireless network convergence technology. The AI on RAN group will pursue technology research by focusing on discovering new AI applications and services in wireless networks.

Technical reports and white papers resulting from the alliance’s research activities are expected to contribute greatly to 6G standardization and commercialization, including the discovery of new services and technical requirements and specifications in the future.

As a member firm, Samsung plans to lead 6G research and expand the ecosystem by applying AI to wireless communication technology to lead service innovation and strengthen communication network efficiency.

“The AI-RAN alliance will foster collaboration, drive innovation and usher in a new era of transformation around AI and 6G networks. We believe this coalition will create new value for end users and operators through AI-based use cases and innovations,” said Charlie Zhang, senior vice president at Samsung Research America.

Meanwhile, Samsung established the Advanced Communications Research Center under its research organization to spearhead the development of next-generation communication technology in May 2019. The ACRC published the 6G white paper in July 2020 and the 6G spectrum white paper in May 2022.

The tech giant has played a leading role in research and development and the revitalization of the ecosystem to strengthen competitiveness in the next-generation communication market, including holding the first Samsung 6G Forum in May 2022.

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