Latest Tech: How To Use A Mobile Wallet

While Android phone users can use several types of mobile wallets, Google Pay is probably going to be your best bet. Google uses the terms Google Wallet and Google Pay. Google Wallet is the digital wallet itself and Google Pay is the app that provides you quick access to your Google Wallet, so the two go hand in hand.

Google Pay is accepted at millions of merchant locations and has a long list of participating banks. But you’ll need an Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Android device running Lollipop 5.0 or higher to use Google Pay.

Which Cards Can Be Added to Google Pay?

Whether or not a card is eligible depends on the type of card and the bank that issues the card. For example, all American Express and Barclays cards are supported. However, Bank of America and Synchrony have a lengthy list of ineligible card types.

Generally speaking, almost all personal credit cards from most major banks can be added to Google Pay. Many small business credit cards and some debit cards may also be eligible to be added. However, not all debit cards and many prepaid cards can’t be added.

If you want to see whether your card is eligible to be added to Google Pay, check this extensive list of which cards are and aren’t supported.

How To Add a Card to Google Pay

First, check to see if the Google Wallet app is already installed on your phone. If not, you’re going to need to download it from the Google Play store.

In the app, tap “Add to Wallet” at the bottom of the page and select “New credit or debit card.”

Google Wallet will launch the camera to take a photo of your card to quickly add the details, but you also have the opportunity to enter the details manually. Next, read and accept the issuer terms. Your bank may require that you verify your identity to complete the final step of adding the card to your wallet.

Once in your wallet, you can choose to make the card the default for contactless payments. If you want, you can also set a nickname for the card by clicking “Add Nickname.”

This is an ideal opportunity to leave yourself a note about what types of purchases you should make with this card. For example, you can nickname the American Express Velocity Platinum Card ‘Virgin Australia and more’ because you earn the highest number of Velocity points per dollar on this card (2.25) when you make a purchase with the Virgin Australia airline.

Which Merchants Accept Google Pay?

According to Google, Google Pay is accepted at millions of locations.

As Google points out, you just need to look for one of two logos—either the general tap-to-pay logo or the specific Google Pay logo. These touchless payment readers are popping up in more and more locations across Australia.

How To Use Google Pay

When you’re ready to pay, unlock the phone and hold it near the terminal. When you’re within an inch or two, you should hear a beep or feel a vibration and a checkmark will appear on your phone or watch. That’s your indication that your card information was transmitted and received by the payment terminal.
If you have multiple cards, you can swipe through the available cards to select the one you want to use before moving your phone or device to the terminal.

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