Latest news: Russian nature reserve wants volunteers to help toads cross busy road

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Why did the toad cross the street? Because, of course, he had the help of kind volunteers to ensure his safety from oncoming vehicles.

And that’s why a Russian nature reserve is looking for people to help its local toads cross a busy road later this year.

The toads have to cross the road to reach a lake where they lay their eggs.

“The Sestroretsk Swamp Reserve is preparing for the seasonal migration of gray toads and is opening registration of volunteers to help amphibians,” the St. Petersburg Committee for Environmental Management, Environmental Protection and Environmental Safety said on its channel Telegram.

When the weather warms, the toads begin their mating season and move from the forests to the eastern shore of the Sestroretsk Reservoir to lay eggs before returning to the forest again, about 30 kilometers (18.6 mi) to the east. North of St. Petersburg.

But on their migratory path there is a path that has become a threat to the toad population. Therefore, to preserve the population, the reserve seeks the help of volunteers each year to help the toads safely reach their spawning grounds.

The reserve requires volunteers to complete registration and training before they can help the toads cross the road, and urges citizens who are not trained in how to control the toads not to touch the creatures, as this could damage them.

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