Latest: Kirk Cousins Got a New Gold Grill, and Justin Jefferson Approves

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has some decisions to make this offseason.

With just days left until he hits unrestricted free agency, Cousins is undoubtedly thinking about his future—what kind of contract he wants to sign heading into his 13th NFL season, and how much he values getting the most money he can get against landing somewhere he believes he can make a run at a Super Bowl.

While Cousins is clearly facing some big questions, he doesn’t seem too worried about it.

On Tuesday, Cousins posted an picture to his Instagram account, highlighting the biggest change of his offseason: the purchase of a new gold grill.

“If you haven’t yet found a Grillz-guy, check out Dr. Lebster. 5/5 stars!” Cousins wrote in the post. “He doesn’t take Kohl’s Cash, but he does great work. I know @jjettas2 approves.”

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Indeed, Cousins received support from his start wide receiver teammate, with Jefferson commenting, “Next we got to get u some diamond ones.”

It’s not the first time Cousins has made a splash with his jewelry. In 2022, a shirtless Cousins, dubbed “Kirko Chainz,” was seen on the Vikings’ team plane wearing what appeared to be every necklace owned across the roster.

While appearing on ESPN’s ManningCast last year, Cousins surprised with another impressive accessory—a Kohl’s Cash chain.

With the addition of his new grill, Cousins continues to surprise with his style.

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