Latest: Do BIA And Cardi B Have Beef?

Cardi B’s seven-year tenure at the top of the rap world has been marked by her propensity for making hits, but also by a LOT of rap beef. In addition to the most well-known feud — her currently simmering discord with “Mrs. Petty” Nicki MInaj — Cardi has been embroiled in numerous other beefs with rappers like City Girls, Cuban Doll, Joe Budden (who barely counts as a rapper these days), and more.

With the release of Cardi’s new single “Like What (Freestyle),” fans are sure she has another name to add to her ever-expanding list: Boston rapper BIA, who’s best known for her standout 2021 single “Whole Lotta Money” and collaborations with J. Cole and Nicki Minaj. So… do BIA and Cardi B have beef and why do some fans insist this is the case?

It all started — as these things so often do these days — on Twitter, where a fan noted the similarities between “Like What” and BIA’s 2023 track “Fallback.” Both songs sample Missy Elliott’s 1999 single “She’s A Bitch,” and since so many fans on social media live in bubbles of their own making (not to mention The Algorithm), it makes sense they wouldn’t realize how many hip-hop songs share the same samples.

In any case, BIA replied to the tweet with a string of woozy face emojis, following up on her public feed with a laughing “Yall are sick.”

A few hours later, Cardi wrote, “Bitches make a fool of themselves every single time 😂.. ima show ya something when I release this song tho.”

Now, not one iota of this looks like beef to me, but Stan Twitter owns a block on the corner of “Wishful Thinking” and Delulu Blvd. For what it’s worth, pretty much every Nicki Minaj collaborator seems to have to sign a NATO-style mutual offense treaty to earn their way into Mrs. Petty’s good graces. If BIA really does have it out for Cardi, it’d make three of the five guest rappers on the Queen Mix of “Super Freaky Girls” to come after the “Bodak Yellow” rapper since the song’s release. I guess Nicki was really hurt when Megan Thee Stallion seemingly switched sides, but that’s a whole other post.

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