Latest: Chris Evans’s Tattoos Are Hidden but Meaningful

Think Captain America is as tattoo-free in real life as he appears in the movies? Think again. In October 2020, fans were shocked when “Avengers” star Chris Evans posted an Instagram Story of himself backflipping into a pool, exposing his tattoo-covered torso, but the actor has secretly been hiding away several pieces of ink since the beginning of his career.

Chris Evans’s tattoos have been a hot topic since, but the actor has often spoken about his pieces of body art in interviews. During a June 2014 interview with Hot Hits Live From LA, Evans said: “I’m all for tattoos, but just somewhere they can be hidden.” While most of his ink is covered up by the iconic Captain America suit in all of his Marvel films, some of Evans’s real tattoos have made cinematic debuts in other movies such as “Puncture” and “Cellular.”

After the Instagram Story frenzy, the news of Chris Evans’s tattoos slowly faded but later reignited in March of 2021 when Evans and his brother did a virtual interview with Ace Universe. Fans noticed that Evans had multiple designs peeking out from under his white tank top. Afterward, many people tweeted that the interview was a perfect reminder that not only does the actor have tattoos, but specifically multiple chest tattoos.

Though they’re often covered by makeup or hidden beneath clothes, here’s everything we know about the actor’s not-so-secret collection of body art. (Yes, details about Chris Evans’s chest tattoo lie ahead).

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