Latest: Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Thursday, March 7, 2024

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Send your kids with food

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Ok now Jagmeet has addressed pharmaceutical drugs by helping out young women that can’t afford birth control, and also people suffering with diabetes, for some reason? No concern about heart disease, cancer? And now he’s jumped over to feeding children at school? His next great thing is providing a lunch that should be packed by every parent that has a child in school. I have lost faith in the common sense of the voters. Ya have a kid, ship him to school with food!

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Yancy Jones

(Mr. Singh has no problem spending our money on any-old thing.)

Stop with the programs

The NDP want a national lunch program. Sounds good, just like parmacare and the dental program. But who is going to pay for this? Taxpayers are.

Our present government, can not control its spending. We are being taxed poor. 60 percent of Canadians have a dental plan. To be eligible, you can not have a dental plan.

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So people with a dental plan will pay for people without one. Paying twice, again. The NDP want votes at the expense of Canadians. Make dental plans a tax deduction. This might help all.

Ed Skelding

(But reducing taxes would really cut into their ability to spend us into debt.)

Time to pay for roads

With regard to Martin Watts’s comment on “No Deal for EV Drivers” in the March 5th edition of the Calgary SUN: EV’s tend to be heavier than ICE vehicles, causing more wear and tear on highways while their owners don’t pay a provincial fuel tax. Also, the tax rate is meant to be in line with the estimated fuel tax paid by a typical Alberta driver.

For all you Tesla owners who are wringing your hand over a $200 registration fee for road tax, it’s about time. Remember, the rest of us tax payers gave you a $5,000 gift to buy your climate saving EV. Get over it.

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Maybe it’s time for the EV drivers start paying their fair share for the upkeep of our highways and byways … just sayin’.  

Linda Philibert

(Only time will tell if this is a good idea.)

Time to take a walk

Perhaps the outrageous performance pay to CBC employees would be warranted if their viewership reached the stratospheric heights of President and CEO Catherine Tait’s ego, arrogance and sense of entitlement. But given that 95 percent of Canadians couldn’t care less about the CBC, then perhaps it is time for Tait to join Trudeau for a walk in the snow. And sooner than later.

Bob Grundie

(The amount of money given to the CBC is shocking.)

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