Krzaczek and Ho Tran team up to cover business and technology.

We’re thrilled to announce that Katie Krzaczek and Tony Ho Tran are joining Slate as senior editors in our business and technology sections.

Katie Krzaczek will join us as our senior editor covering business. For the past seven years, Katie has focused on consumer trends, digital culture, and explaining how big business affects our daily lives. She joins Slate from The Philadelphia Inquirer, where she led a strategic project to reimagine the paper’s local business coverage and managed a roster of freelancers for the Business section. Previously, Ella Katie was Business News Editor at Business Insider and Associate Editor and Live Programming Producer at Yahoo Finance.

Tony Ho Tran will join us as our senior technology editor. Tony is a writer covering all things technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, electric vehicles, and biotechnology. He was previously senior innovation editor at The Daily Beast and, before that, a staff writer at Futurism.

Krzaczek and Ho Tran will be instrumental in expanding Slate’s technology and business coverage and making these sections destinations for our readers looking for coverage that reflects how their lives intersect with these topics. Reflecting Slate’s mix of sitewide reporting and analysis, our coverage will continue to help readers discover how to think about the biggest and most surprising stories in business and technology, with lots of voice and enthusiasm.

Both start on April 29.

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