Google will offer Mekorot technology in its market

Google will offer Mekorot’s mclock system, which enables the monitoring and management of infrastructure installations, Calcalist has learned. SaaS software enables remote access to operational data for municipal and public infrastructure companies, such as water, electric and gas corporations. It replaces traditional monitoring methods and supports various infrastructure sectors such as electricity, fuel and communications.

Gil Groskop, technology deputy at Mekorot, said: “Google will offer our solution through its marketplace, facilitating remote operations. The initial interface will involve our assistance, with subsequent independent operation. The system will be available in the market pending Google’s approval.

Groskop added: “We expect three customer sales in the first year and then we will make adjustments as necessary.” Mekorot has previously collaborated with technology giants, such as Microsoft, to develop a cloud for statistical data from the water sector. This initiative aims to share knowledge on precipitation, consumption and climate crisis research with academics and researchers.

Shay Mor, Director and Head of Public Sector and Defense at Google Cloud Israel, commented: “The implementation of this cloud technology will drive innovation within Mekorot and establish industry best practices for other water treatment organizations.”

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