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Sons of the Forest is now officially released as a ‘1.0’ game, graduating from Early Access on Steam and getting one hell of an update from Endnight Games. It has been overhauled monumentally for this special occasion, with Endnight pumping hundreds of changes into the game, stuffing it with fresh content, new game mechanics, and even altering how certain characters are portrayed.

It’s Still Terrifying

Sons of the Forest proved to be a huge success when it hit the market a year ago, racking up millions of sales in a matter of days. It’s considered one of the best survival horror games in the business, featuring a massive open world, unparalleled levels of freedom, and more terrifying mutants than you can shake a sharpened stick at.

To celebrate the official launch of Sons of the Forest, Endnight has made some sizeable changes:

  • Upon completion of the game, Creative Mode is unlocked
  • The game’s ending has been tweaked and is now choice-based
  • ‘Timmy’ is back and is voiced by Shawn Ashmore
  • More cutscenes have been added
  • Gliders can now be carried and redeployed
  • There are 14 new caves and more points of interest in the world
  • The Forest’s ‘Legsy’ mutant has returned
  • There’s a new sickness system tied to bad food and dirty water
  • Jianyu has a bigger presence in the game
  • Fresh constructs and blueprints have been added
  • More achievements have been added
  • FSR3 support has been added
  • There’s a new weather system
  • 100s of fixes and balances

Sons of the Forest is well worth a purchase by any fan of the survival horror genre. It’s a phenomenal game that’s equal parts beautiful to look at and terrifying to play. There’s a solid story at the heart of the game but the bulk of the loop comes from simply surviving the terrors of the island you’ll find yourself stranded on.

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