Game Tech: Online gaming addiction leads to matricide in Fatehpur

A man addicted to online gaming in Fatehpur has been apprehended by authorities for the alleged murder of his mother in a bid to cash in on a ₹50 lakh insurance payout. Identified as Himanshu, the accused purportedly resorted to this heinous act to settle his mounting debts incurred from his addiction to the popular gaming platform, Zupee.

As reported by The Free Press Journal, the Fatehpur police disclosed that Himanshu’s insurmountable losses in gaming led him into a financial abyss, with debts accumulating to nearly ₹4 lakh. Faced with dire circumstances, he concocted a chilling scheme to alleviate his predicament.

Reportedly, Himanshu acquired jewelry belonging to his paternal aunt to fund the purchase of life insurance policies, each valued at ₹50 lakh, for his parents. Tragically, his scheme unfolded with the alleged suffocation of his mother, Prabha, while his father was away. Subsequently, he concealed her body in a jute bag and transported it via tractor to the banks of the Yamuna river.

Upon his return, Roshan Singh, Himanshu’s father, discovered the absence of his wife and son, prompting a frantic search. Suspicion arose when a neighbor mentioned seeing Himanshu operating a tractor near the riverbank. Swift action by the authorities led to the grim discovery of Prabha’s body, and Himanshu was swiftly taken into custody.

During interrogation, Himanshu reportedly confessed to the gruesome crime, revealing the extent of his desperation to extricate himself from the clutches of gaming-induced debt. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the alarming consequences of unchecked online gaming addiction.

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