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Insomnia the Gaming Festival is returning in 2024 as the biggest LAN part in the UK is set to host more casual and pro gaming tournaments, along with cosplaying and other community events. Here is everything you need to know about the event.

The Insomnia Gaming Festival is just around the corner as the 72 edition of the LAN party is bringing back its casual gaming tournaments, festival entertainment, and iSERIES open tournaments for 2024.

Attendees can expect to see people cosplaying and tent areas for camping along with evening entertainment as the days move along featuring a Pup Quiz and a Dark Room adventure.

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Here is everything you need to know about the event. More information will be added to this article as it comes out regarding the event.


Insomnia Gaming Festival dates

The event will take place at the NEC Birmingham on March 28 through April 1. The tournaments at the event for casual gamers and esports pros will start on March 29.

Each esports event will start on that Friday and run throughout the event, however, the casual events will take place in a specific time slot.

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Read on for more info on the specific games and titles featured at the Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Insomnia Gaming Festival: Tickets

Attendees can purchase a wide variety of tickets for the event, including day and weekend passes, premium LAN party passes and space for camping out at the venue.

The price breakdown, and what kind of passes people need for specific parts of the event are listed below:

  • LAN Party tickets (includes space in the LAN and Esports Hall along with amenities)
    • LAN Lite (3-day pass): £91.67
    • LAN Standard (4-day pass): £113.30
    • Lan Plus (5-day pass): £133.90
    • LAN Premium (5-day pass with more benefits): £216.30
    • LAN VIP (5-day pass with merch and even more benefits): £290.00
  • Days pass (access to the festival on the day along with Fan Zone, stage seating and all show content)
    • Friday Standard: £30.90
    • Friday Premium: £41.35
    • Saturday Standard: £30.90
    • Saturday Premium: £41.35
    • Sunday Standard: £30.90
    • Sunday Premium: £41.35
  • Weekend pass (access to the event from Friday through Sunday along with Fan Zone, priority stage seating, and all show content)
    • Standard Weekend: £86.92
    • Weekend Priority (includes an i75 goody bag): £112.92
  • Camping pass (camping space from Friday to Monday, people also need to purchase a valid Insomnia72 ticket to camp)
    • Camping for 1: £46.58
    • Camping for 2: £45.53
    • Camping for 3: £43.44
    • Camping for 4: £41.35
  • LAN Rentals
    • RTX2080: £141.67
    • GTX1080TI: £120.77
    • MONITOR ONLY: £42.40
    • PS5 CONSOLE: £52.85
  • Pub Quiz and Dark Room
    • Pub Quiz: £15.23
    • Pub Quiz VIP: £22.54
    • Dark Room: £19.41

Casual tournaments

The casual gaming tournaments will be featured across the entire festival. Here is the schedule, including the game featured and what time they will start.

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The festival’s esports tournaments will feature amateur players and professional organizations from the UK area across six different events and five games.

Registration for every tournament is still live so teams can still sign up for spots in the tournaments. Registered teams will need to check in with the festival on March 29 and the tournaments will begin on the same day.

Here are the tournaments running through the Insomnia Gaming Festival and their prize pools:

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  • Valorant Women’s Cup presented by EE GIANTX: £10,000
  • Counter-Strike iSeries Open – i72: £5,000
  • Overwatch 2 iSeries Open – i72: £3,000
  • Rocket League iSeries Open – i72: £2,000
  • Valorant iSeries Open – i72: £5,000
  • League of Legends iSeries Open – i72: £3,000

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