Game Tech: 2024 Tech and Gaming – Retro Rebel Podcast Episode 176

On this episode of the Retro Rebel Podcast, hosts Amanda and Stacy, are looking at 2024 in gaming and tech.

Retro Rebel Podcast

Retro Rebel Podcast is hosted by Amanda Fox and Stacy Bishop. Each week they take a deep dive into the gaming industry and discuss news stories, the current games they are playing, and the topic of the week. Do you like this episode? Do you want to complain about something we got wrong? Let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at We want to hear your opinions!

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2024 Tech and Gaming

Hosts Amanda and Stacy are looking ahead to 2024 in gaming and tech. We’re breaking down news like the Blizzard Layoffs, which the Federal Trade Commission is investigating. Stacy shares his thoughts on Ubisoft ‘s recent tactics to increase revenue while seemingly reducing the gaming experience. We also offer our opinions on Palworld vs Pokemon, Apple Vision Pro vs Metaquest 3, and the Disney HoloTile floor.

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