Breaking News: Samsung Takes To The Skies With Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search

Samsung isn’t likely to run out of ideas to promote the Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search feature anytime soon. After turning London’s iconic Tube map into a giant Circle to Search puzzle, the Korean tech giant’s creativity is now soaring above South African skies.

In a bid to promote the Galaxy S24 series’ super-hyped AI feature dubbed Circle to Search, Samsung Electronics painted giant glowing circles across the clear skies above Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, marking a new era of Galaxy AI.

The AI-powered Circle to Search feature, which was developed in partnership with Google, offers a newfangled way to search for anything on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra with a simple gesture without switching apps.

“In our pursuit to bring attention to Circle to Search, created in partnership with Google, for the recently launched Galaxy S24 Series, Samsung made a bold and engaging move drawing circles in the sky to mark a new era for Galaxy AI,” Kgomotso Mosiane, Head of Marketing for Mobile eXperience at Samsung South Africa said in a recent press release.

“Now, with a simple gesture, you can circle what you are curious about and get more information right where you are,” the top executive added.

Find anything instantly with Galaxy S24’s AI-powered circles

Samsung’s way of introducing Circle to Search is super creative. The AI feature is designed to put superpowers in your pocket. Let’s check out how it works.

  • You can summon the feature simply by taping and holding your home button (or wielding the S Pen on the S24 Ultra).
  • Next, circle text or scribble on objects to find more details about them.
  • Google will instantly deliver what you seek, without leaving your current app.

In other words, Circle to Search serves as a shortcut to identifying anything in photos, videos, or even real-time scenes.

After making its debut on the Galaxy S24 series smartphones, Circle to Search became available for the Pixel 8. It is also slated to arrive on the Galaxy S23 lineup through the One UI 6.1 update.

The Circle to Search feature can come in handy for identifying travel destinations, plants and animals.

For instance, if you see an item of clothing on Instagram but it lacks information about the brand, you can satisfy your curiosity just by long pressing the home button or navigation bar on your device to activate Circle To Search.

Likewise, if you see a landmark in the background of a social media post or a fun fact on a YouTube clip, you can learn more with a simple circle on the image. With the Circle To Search feature, you can say goodbye to taking a screenshot and using a reverse image search tool to find out more.

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