Breaking News: AI in network orchestration spend to reach US$20B by 2028: Juniper | IT Business

A new report from Juniper Research indicates that global network operator spend on artificial intelligence (AI) for network orchestration will generate US$20 billion by 2028; rising 240 per cent from the US$6 billion expected to be generated this year.

Authors of the report are predicting that “enterprises’ increasing use of cellular networks, including for smart manufacturing and autonomous vehicles, will necessitate further investment into AI that automates key network processes.

“These use cases require various degrees of high throughput, low latency and geographical coverage. Therefore, to maximize networks’ efficiency and reduce operational expenditure, the report urged operators to accelerate the incorporation of AI into core networks.”

Findings revealed that as operators expand established 5G networks and build future 6G networks, AI must play an essential role, with performance optimization and network security being the most important use cases. They are expected to account for over 50 per cent of global operator spend on AI by 2028.

“Additionally, ever-increasing virtualization of network functions and demand for cellular data will drive operators to implement AI to decrease operational costs,” a Juniper release stated. “The ability to automate real-time network analysis and adjust network conditions accordingly will be crucial to minimizing the costs associated with network management and service provision.”

Report author Frederick Savage said, “as operators compete on the quality of their networks, AI will be essential to maximizing the value of using a cellular network for connectivity. High-spending users will gravitate to those networks that can provide the best service conditions.”

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