Artificial intelligence technology revolutionizes early detection of breast cancer in Israel

Beilinson Hospital successfully completed a pilot program using iCAD’s AI technologies to review more than 15,000 mammograms, the hospital announced Monday.

The technology identified previously undetected tumors, significantly improving diagnostic capabilities, which has the potential to save lives by providing earlier diagnosis of breast cancer in women over 40 years of age.

The technology also assists in the development of informed screening plans for those at risk of developing breast cancer.

Adding to the list of capabilities, the technology has the ability to assess a patient’s risk level of developing a cancerous tumor in the next two years, by scanning dense tissue.

Where is the technology available?

Since the pilot was completed earlier this year, the system has been rolled out across Clalit Health Services’ network, including its mammography units in hospitals and clinics across the country. The iCAD program is already approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Breast cancer, illustration. (credit: envato)

“Early detection and intervention remain the two most impactful treatments for breast cancer, which is why we always encourage women and anyone at risk of developing cancer to ensure they have routine biannual mammography screenings.” “said Beilinson’s head of mammography. Department Dr. Ahuva Grubstein. “By using better tools, such as artificial intelligence, to assist radiologists with these scans, we can increase the reliability of scans and early detection cases, thereby saving lives.”

Since the pilot program began, the technology has been used to assist radiologists with more than 15,000 scans at Beilinson.

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