Video: Best Carry On Luggage: 7 Bags Tested Head-to-Head


  • Enjoyed your video and appreciate all the time you invested in the information provided. I was struggling between Monos, July, and Quince. I reached out to all three with the exact same question and Monos was the worst in customer service. Quince and July both responded quickly and had fantastic customer service. I purchase the Quince Carry on but sadly I found out it comes from overseas and although it said shipped with tracking number it has yet to move after several days. So I reached out to customer service about that and yep it won't arrive on time so that will be returned. Their timeline is from Chin 6-9 days from once it is ordered until it actually gets on a plane then another few days from that. July offered expedited delivery for a fee and they have warehouses in the USA so it will be delivered quickly. In addition, the cost of the July bag includes tax and free shipping over $100 within a week. I ordered the July Light Carry On Expandable because the country requires carry on 35 lbs or less so if you travel to Japan or other countries with serious weight limits consider July. I've also heard they really back their warranty. The customer service I received just ordering was fantastic. Can't wait to try the bag out.

  • I like the looks of the level8, especially their aluminum Gibraltar model. Unfortunately all of their carry on models seem to be sized outside of the standard USA limit of 22x14x9.

  • I really really wanted to buy four of their luggage’s and backpacks but I ran across a video about their poor customer service. I’m having a second thought about this company and their bad practices. How’s your experience since your review video came out?

  • Nick and Allie…thanks for the videos…we recently purchased two Monos Carry-Ons for our upcoming trip to Paris in May. We will continue to purchase items through links in the descriptions to support the channel. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for this informative video. I am using the monos link to purchase my first monos carry on.

    Nik and Allie, I appreciate your channel. Keep creating your dream life.

    Love and ((HUGS)),
    Laura Foster
    Founder of Souls Healing Humanity

  • Thanks for your videos!! Very informative. I purchased 3 monos bags where we used them last December touring Germany for 2 weeks. They performed perfectly, especially traveling via sevetal trains. The weather was cold and very wet in Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin. Our clothes stayed dry, no issues. I also purchased Peak Design 20 liter backpack. I loved it and it also kept everything dry. Thank you again!!

  • FYI, during a recent trip to Europe from the US, the Beis worked as a carry on for my family on Jet Blue, American Airlines and Easy Jets. It was a tight squeeze on Easy Jets though. Definitely don’t want to overpack when using that airline.

  • Hard for me to comment on the Monos as they kept saying they would send the carry on but never did. Have written countless times and tried their number to call that showed up n the credit card and it simply referred to the website so back to square one. Nobody ever contacted me and was forced to call American Express to get my money back. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with and would never recommend monos!

  • I spent half the video listening to what kind of bag I don't want that by the time we got to the point of the video, me looking for a luggage bag I do want, I lost interest. Sorry

  • Travelled as a Consultant for over 10 years before taking a job with Disney. May be going back in the road again. Appreciate the review. Wonder if anyone has built a bag where the wheels can be pushed up into the bag. Wouldn’t it help with sizing as well as protecting them if you check the bag?

  • I work for TSA Baggage and Checkpoint, I will say that most damaged bags are hard shell. TSA does not damage the bags as we dont throw them. As far as what the ground workers that throw bags onto the aircrafts do, no comment lol. Also, the amount you pay doesnt reflect anything. Those LOUIS VUITTON and GUCCI bags get damaged the same. You have to think that it's all plastic… $5 plastic or $5,000 plastic makes no difference. TSA locks are great, but, as a traveller, I never felt the need to lock my bags as they are always with me or the airlines. Most stolen items are the entire bag themselves locked or not. If someone wants access to your bag, it's going to get opened once they steal the entire bag.
    Heres what I say is better:
    1) Soft Shell because the zipper is usually in the front and you dont have to worry about two sides at the same time when the hardshells are split in half.
    2) No Gimicky features like a pull out closet or things that add more weight. (For the love of humanity, don't get those electronic suit cases that drive around)
    3) TSA locks are great when we need to look inside, and you do not want your bags damaged. Again, no real need to lock your bags unless you're staying at a hotel and want to keep everything inside your bag. Again 2x they will steal the entire thing as opposed to grabbing a few items.
    4) Rotating wheels!!! Why the f* do they still make bags with stationary wheels? You can pull and push your rotating wheels the same plus more.
    5) The less pockets, the easier it is to find and pack everything.
    6) LIGHTWEIGHT. MINIMAL IS KEY. I know they try to market all of these extra features with neat pockets and extra tech like USB ports. Don't be that douche bag.

    BUT BUT BUT BUT… I will say, that MONOS bag you recommend is really cool. The anti-shake design of the handle is already the best feature for me personally. That blows the other ones out of the water with that feature alone.

  • I can't stand hard-sided clamshell luggage but I am researching for my daughters who have seen it all over social media and think it's the thing to have. I love my soft-sided luggage because I can put it next to a wall or on a luggage rack, open it, and have the top piece lean against the wall without being too heavy or anything falling out. My daughter's hard-sided clamshell has to be opened on the ground taking up the double the floor space as a soft-sided. Of course she CAN open up and lean the heavy top part against the wall or a bed, but it's awkward and difficult for her to take her things in and out. I prefer the extra, tall space in my old Samsonite soft shell. Great video though. I already bought one daughter a BEIS for her birthday and I'm past the return period, so I am glad to see comments from others that they've traveled fine with their BEIS. I must have gotten one of the new smaller sizes. It's actually smaller than Monos' carryon according to their website. BEIS Front Pocket Carryon: Case Size including wheels – 13.5" W x 21.5" H x 9" D. Monos Carryon Pro: Exterior measurements: 22" × 14" × 9".

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