Jobs: UPSC Success Story: Meet IAS Govind Jaiswal, Son of Rickshaw Puller Who Cleared UPSC Exam in First Attempt

Meet IAS Govind Jaiswal, Son of Rickshaw Puller Who Cleared UPSC Exam in First Attempt

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One of the hardest and most prestigious exams in the nation is the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) test. Every year, thousands of people take this exam, but relatively few of them are successful.

In 2006, the UPSC examination was successfully cleared by Govind Jaiswal at the age of 22, achieving All India Rank 48. However, the inspiration lies in the hard work and struggle that accompanied this success.

The dream of Govind was supported by his father, Narayan, who worked diligently to make it a reality. Residing in Varanasi, UP, the family faced challenges when Narayan, who once owned 35 rickshaws in 1995, had to sell 20 due to his wife’s illness. Unfortunately, his wife passed away in 1995.

In 2004-2005, when Govind decided to prepare for the UPSC in Delhi, financial constraints arose. Undeterred, Narayan sold the remaining 14 rickshaws to support his son’s aspirations. With only one rickshaw left, Narayan started driving it himself.

For the sake of his son’s education, Govind’s father transitioned from being a rickshaw owner to a rickshaw puller. Despite suffering from a leg ailment, Govind’s dedication to his studies remained unwavering. Govind’s commitment to his studies paid off, and he secured the 48th rank in the UPSC examination on his first attempt in 2006.

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