Game Tech: Chainers Emerges as Polygon’s Rising Star in Web3 Gaming

Chainers Emerges as Polygon’s Rising Star in Web3 Gaming
Feb 24, 2024
Feb 24, 2024

Kelly Cromley

The realm of Web3 gaming grapples with persistent challenges in scalability and blockchain complexity, hindering the seamless evolution of innovative projects. Despite these hurdles, new ventures emerge regularly, defying the narrative by introducing novel and captivating experiences to surmount the obstacles.

Polygon Labs’ Boost to Chainers: A Transformative Development

Chainers, a standout project in this landscape, has recently received a significant boost from Polygon Labs, the developers behind the Polygon (MATIC) network. This development is poised to propel Chainers into a new phase of growth, addressing the longstanding issues of scalability and complexity faced by Web3 games.

Polygon Labs’ Village Support Program: A Catalyst for Growth

Polygon Labs, after an exhaustive three-month screening process, unveiled the selected startups for its inaugural Village Support Program Class. Among the fortunate few is Chainers, an ambitious open-world, free-to-play metaverse game intricately powered by the Polygon network. As part of this program, Chainers gains access to tailored mentorship from Polygon Labs, participation in networking events, guidance on funding from venture capitalists, vouchers for cloud services, and more.

Chainers’ Perspective on the Partnership: A New Growth Phase

Expressing their excitement, Chainers developers emphasized that being selected from a pool of 160 hopefuls is a significant milestone. They view the collaboration with Polygon Labs as the beginning of a new growth phase for Chainers, positioning the project on a trajectory of innovation and expansion.

Chainers: Revolutionizing the Gaming Experience

Chainers distinguishes itself as an open-world game centered around player interaction, community building, and immersive adventures. Players within the Chainers universe can engage in resource gathering, trade with fellow players, construct personalized houses, earn real crypto rewards through in-game farming, and participate in art exhibitions. Notably, the game boasts AR technology support, enhancing the in-game immersion for its 350,000 users who have minted over 25 million NFTs.

Blockchain Integration: NFTs and Custodial Wallets

In a departure from conventional gaming structures, Chainers introduces a unique approach where characters and items collected in the game represent NFTs on the blockchain. These digital assets are stored in custodial wallets, automatically generated for users upon sign-up. Chainers emphasizes individuality in a world where characters start similarly, prompting players to stand out through creative customization utilizing items acquired from interactive tasks.

Chainers Farm and Creative Contests: Additional Incentives

The Chainers Farm feature allows players to exchange crops planted in the game as NFTs for real crypto rewards every 12 hours, including the wrapped MATIC token called iMATIC. The platform also hosts contests, encouraging players to contribute to the game lore. Winners and participants receive unique items and in-game currency as rewards.

Web3 Gaming Landscape: Addressing Funding Gaps

The Web3 gaming scene, grappling with a lack of general funding and technical support, finds respite in initiatives like The Polygon Village Support Program. Such programs serve as essential launchpads for innovative projects like Chainers, fostering stable growth and contributing to the vitality of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Conclusion: Chainers’ Journey Unfolds with Polygon’s Support

In conclusion, Chainers stands at the forefront of Web3 gaming, leveraging Polygon Labs’ support to navigate challenges and redefine the gaming experience. The partnership signifies a crucial step forward for Chainers, exemplifying how collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives can drive innovation and stability in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized gaming. As Chainers continues its journey, the industry watches with anticipation for further developments and advancements in the Web3 gaming space.

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